Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Koryo-Won, Tried it, Tasted it

Have you guys ever heard of Koryo-Won Restaurant? I am an avid korean food eater. I like to try korean dishes especially the one I saw in Running Man show. Yeah, as long as the food is halal. Fortunately, there are quite a rapid growth on Halal korean restaurant in Malaysia lately. My favorite is Dubuyo, the restaurant is almost everywhere, got Halal some more and the food is affordable.

When my two best friend was in town 3 weeks ago I was really keen asking them to eat at Dubuyo, but of course they were more up to date with all the korean thing. We end up eating Dubuyo in the end but my friends don't really like it. They suggested that we should try Koryo-Won the next time we have gathering. They said in Koryo-Won we can grilled beef like the one in Running Man. I instantly fall in love when I heard that we can grilled. 

Who doesn't love grilled beef!

So last week, without waiting for my gathering, I drag my hubby to try at this Koryo-Won in IOI City Mall. The instant I open the menu, I had a slight regret. The beef all cost like RM80 and above, they even have Wagyu beef that cost RM450. OMG! We were so used to eat at Dubuyo at the cost of below RM50 for 2 people, we never thought that Korean food can be more expensive.  They have other affordable menu but we were aiming for the grill beef. 

A family that come in after we sat, look at the menu and leave. No wonder why they leave. 

But, we played it cool and ordered a set for two people that cost us RM78 (cried a little) which consist of a plate of Beef, 2 steam rice, stewed kimchi, salads, tea for 2 and 5 sides (got kimchi, bean sprouts, hot dogs and some other I don't remember). Please take this important note that those sides can be refilled for FREE. 

These were the RM78 set

Of course the above were not enough for these 2 binge-eater. we end up ordered another beef set that cost RM80 (cried a lot) per plate. We were hungry and we don't care! The beef that cost RM80 was delicious! It had to be!

These were the RM80 beef

At the end of the course, they gave us a plate of watermelon for dessert. Overall, the food was delicious, the experience were unforgettable and the price was a tad bit steep. Will I coming again? Yes, in another 2 or 3 years. 

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