Monday, January 16, 2017

Hotel Cyberview Resort & Spa - Review

Before end of last year (2016), me and my hubby were planning for a short weekend gateaway. We decided to stay at Cyberview Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya around 20 minutes from my home and 5 minutes from my husband office. One of my office mate went there for their weekend gateaway just a few weeks earlier and she gave quite a good review for it.

I chose the Stay & Dine package which include a 1 night stay in their Deluxe Chalet with breakfast for 2 persons and all you can eat dim-sum for 2 persons. The original price for the Dim-Sum Package was RM59 per person.

Cyberyview 3-tier swimming pool

The view in Cyberview was beautiful, it was a resort in a jungle. I checked in at 3 pm as I took half day from work. When they give me my key room and breakfast coupon, they did not mention anything about the free dinner, I had to remind them that I had booked the room together with dinner and they then arrange for the dinner booking.

I was given a room in the end of the resort, the receptionist handed me a map of the hotel and ask me to walk up to the end of the swimming pool which is around 1 km. I wonder why didn't they provide any buggy service or if they have one, why haven't they propose it to me. Once arrived at the room, I realized that I was given a twin bed Deluxe Chalet while I had booked for King bed  Deluxe Chalet. I straight away called the receptionist  and requested for a change. They immediately changed my room plus upgrading it to Executive Deluxe Chalet which I very much appreciate. 

The Executive Deluxe Chalet was quite the same with Deluxe Chalet only the size is a tab bit bigger. The TV was small for my eyes but it was okay.

The room can fit at least 2 families in here.

The bathroom was spacious.

And it got bathtub which Deluxe Chalet room doesn't have.

I spend the entire afternoon waiting for my husband (he didn't take half day) and wasted away the free internet given by Cyberview. I downloaded some movies and streaming some videos. 

That night we went for our dinner at Xing Zhu Restaurant for all we can it Dim-Sum. When we walk in the restaurant, I mention our room number and I had book my room together with the dinner package. They seated us and proceed to give us the menu and again I reminded the waiters that I have booked my room together with the all you can eat dim-sum package. They showed me the dim-sum package and we ordered them straight away. 

All you can eat Dim-Sum.

The menu does not only include Dim-Sum but other Chinese food as well. The juices were not in the package as they only provide green tea. (The juices were very expensive and I don't recommend for anyone to order)

The Dim-Sum and Pau can be re-filled as many time as your stomach allowed. We refilled quite a few time because I'm eating for two. Hehe

We didn't really finished other food than dim-sum because mostly it was vegetables. 

At the end of our dinner, we were required to sign a bill with a total of over RM100++. I again reminded (I was pretty annoyed this time because I reminded all of them like a few time already) them that our dinner was under the room package and they should only charged for the juices only. They change the bill and charged only for the juices. 

We then spend the entire night watching Goblin. 

Early on the next morning we went for breakfast at 7.30 am because we are an early riser. 

The breakfast was better. 

There were a lot to choose from for breakfast. The food was delicious and I like the omelette. I really recommended the breakfast at cyberview if you want to try. Overall the stay was okay and the food was delicious. I would definitely come again for the food.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Japan Trip - Episode 7

On the 8th Day of our little adventure, we decided to go to Dotonbori for a little last minute shopping for souvenir.

The famous Glico Running Man. Why is it famous? Well, somehow he is the one who open this place (dotonbori). I guess so. 

Little food cafe, they even got food truck and various of food to choose from.

We end up eating Japanese Crepe.

There were a lot of people that day we basically cannot move until the person in front of us moved.

There were so much food to choose from!

The crab is moving like a giant crab trying to crawl on the building. 

My husband and his mediocre skill on grilling seafood.

Japan Trip - Episode 6

We went back to Osaka on the 6th Day, the cost of the trip covered by JR pass. bla.bla.bla. On the 7th Day we traveled to Kyoto as it was the last day that shinkasen trip covered by JR pass. We planned to take Sagano scenic train but unable to do so as the ticket already sold out. We then proceed to visit the Bamboo forest.

The room we stayed in Osaka. Very near to the station and we booked it through Airbnb.

The bamboo forest was mesmerizing.

Along the way, there were many sceneries to look at.

There were a lot of people that day, we can barely walk. There were girls in traditional kimono.

More people here and there.

We stop to eat at nearby takoyaki shop because it was so tempting.

And then proceed to search for souvenir which we end up not buying because of the price. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Japan Trip - Episode 5

On the fifth day, we decided to go for Hokane Freepass adventure. It was a last minute decision because of the cancellation of Yeti Snow Resort. It was Sunday and I think we have taken a wrong decision going to tourist attraction on Sunday.

Hokane Free Pass consist of a round ride from and back to Odawara. From sightseeing we will be able to sight the famous Mount Fuji at a few location along the way. The all round ride cost us 5,000 yen per person (around RM200). We took Shinkansen from Tokyo to Odawara that should cost us 4,000 yen one way (around RM150) but free with JR Pass.

The Hokane Free Pass can be purchased directly at Odawara station. It look like there were very little people there and we thought that, that day were going to be like in Tateyama with no people. Oh boy, we were WRONG. From Odawara to Hakone Yumote we rode a slightly full train and when we arrived at Hakone Yumote the queuing line to ride Hakone Tozan Train was almost 3km. OMG. as we already bought the ticket we have no choice but to continue. It took us almost 1 hour queuing. When we arrived at Gora, there was another 3km queuing. SIGH.

See all the people at the back. We did not even have time to look at the view, we are busy queuing. 

We took the ropeway from Gora to Sounzan. 

The view of active volcano along the way. 

When we arrived at Sounzan, the queue was soo long it was almost 10km or more. While queuing we took picture along the way.

We managed to capture mount fuji view while going from Sounzan to Togendai-Ko.

We then took cruise to Hakone Machi. Yeah, it was almost night. We took the last cruise at that day. We were so tired due to the non-stop queuing. At the Hakone Machi, we took bus back to Odawara which took 1 hour. It was soo long that I keep falling asleep on the bus. This is the most tiring adventure and a reminder not to go to tourist attraction on weekend. 

Japan Trip - Episode 4

Day 4 on our trip schedule was kind of lay back because we arrived at our apartment around 10pm the other night. We only visit a few places in Tokyo today.

We strolled around Shibuya and decided it was too cold and then decided to visit Akihabara.

In Akihabara, we found this mini pablo (the bigger one was very expensive) and decided to try it. We bought one pack consist of 6 mini pablo. We bought 2 original, 2 chocolate and 2 strawberry. People was queuing (mostly tourist) to purchase.  

They got a lot more to choose from. Didn't have much money to buy them all.

After a few good photo we move to Asakusa for shopping time!

Asakusa is a shopping street where we can find a lot of things. I really mean a lot of things. Fake handbag, t shirt, fridge magnet. This is the perfect place to find souvenir for friends and family. 

They got lot of food, kuih ni macam bahulu je, nampak sedap sebab cuaca sejuk. brrrr.

Got a lot of people wearing traditional japanese kimono to visit temple near Asakusa. The end of today visit.