Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Japan Trip - Episode 5

On the fifth day, we decided to go for Hokane Freepass adventure. It was a last minute decision because of the cancellation of Yeti Snow Resort. It was Sunday and I think we have taken a wrong decision going to tourist attraction on Sunday.

Hokane Free Pass consist of a round ride from and back to Odawara. From sightseeing we will be able to sight the famous Mount Fuji at a few location along the way. The all round ride cost us 5,000 yen per person (around RM200). We took Shinkansen from Tokyo to Odawara that should cost us 4,000 yen one way (around RM150) but free with JR Pass.

The Hokane Free Pass can be purchased directly at Odawara station. It look like there were very little people there and we thought that, that day were going to be like in Tateyama with no people. Oh boy, we were WRONG. From Odawara to Hakone Yumote we rode a slightly full train and when we arrived at Hakone Yumote the queuing line to ride Hakone Tozan Train was almost 3km. OMG. as we already bought the ticket we have no choice but to continue. It took us almost 1 hour queuing. When we arrived at Gora, there was another 3km queuing. SIGH.

See all the people at the back. We did not even have time to look at the view, we are busy queuing. 

We took the ropeway from Gora to Sounzan. 

The view of active volcano along the way. 

When we arrived at Sounzan, the queue was soo long it was almost 10km or more. While queuing we took picture along the way.

We managed to capture mount fuji view while going from Sounzan to Togendai-Ko.

We then took cruise to Hakone Machi. Yeah, it was almost night. We took the last cruise at that day. We were so tired due to the non-stop queuing. At the Hakone Machi, we took bus back to Odawara which took 1 hour. It was soo long that I keep falling asleep on the bus. This is the most tiring adventure and a reminder not to go to tourist attraction on weekend. 

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