Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Japan Trip - Episode 4

Day 4 on our trip schedule was kind of lay back because we arrived at our apartment around 10pm the other night. We only visit a few places in Tokyo today.

We strolled around Shibuya and decided it was too cold and then decided to visit Akihabara.

In Akihabara, we found this mini pablo (the bigger one was very expensive) and decided to try it. We bought one pack consist of 6 mini pablo. We bought 2 original, 2 chocolate and 2 strawberry. People was queuing (mostly tourist) to purchase.  

They got a lot more to choose from. Didn't have much money to buy them all.

After a few good photo we move to Asakusa for shopping time!

Asakusa is a shopping street where we can find a lot of things. I really mean a lot of things. Fake handbag, t shirt, fridge magnet. This is the perfect place to find souvenir for friends and family. 

They got lot of food, kuih ni macam bahulu je, nampak sedap sebab cuaca sejuk. brrrr.

Got a lot of people wearing traditional japanese kimono to visit temple near Asakusa. The end of today visit.

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