Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Japan Trip - Episode 3

Day 3 was the highlight of our journey! My fever was getting better and we decided to proceed with our plan to do the kurobe alpine route. Horeah!

Kurobe Alphine Route Map

As you can see the complete Kurobe Alphine Route will be from Dentetsu Toyama until Shinamo Omachi or vice versa. It is a two way route. You can choose where you want to start. Our aim was to be at Murodo to play with snow (Gayat orang kampung). We choose to do only half of the route from Dentetsu Toyama up until Daikanbo only as I was not fit enough to walk in the Kurobe Dam. From my survey, we would have to do almost one hour walk from Kurobe Dam to Ogisawa. A big NO from me.

So we departed from Tokyo around 10 am (after breakfast and all) to Toyama using Shinkansen with our JR pass (without the pass it will cost us around 13,000 Yen per person one way equal to RM 500). It only took around half an hour to get there. From Toyama we walk around 3 minutes to Dentetsu Toyama. It just in the opposite building. I love it that we go during weekdays. There was literally no people taking the Route that day. From Dentetsu Toyama we bought train ticket to Tateyama Station (1,200 Yen. Cannot use JR pass here). The train was an old train and it took around 1 hour to arrive at Tateyama. The view along the way was spectacular.

The train we took from Dentetsu Toyama to Tateyama.

Isn't the view amazing?

My picture did not do justice to the view.

Arriving at Tateyama.

Arriving at Tateyama, we straight away bought the route ticket up until Daikanbo which cost us around 7,000 Yen (RM300) per person. And again, literally no people here today, nada, nil, zero. From Tateyama we took Cable car to Midagahara. The view was wow! We arrive around 15 minutes later and straight away need to take a bus to Murodo. We didn't queue because it was just around 10-15 people there. The view to Murodo was amazing. One hour later we arrive at Murodo, we relaxed and ate a little because it was soo cold and then proceed to take the Trolley Bus to Daikanbo. Daikanbo observatory was small and is the highest peak in Aso mountain. We can see the Dam from here and and the view of some part of the mountain. It was beautiful. After a good 15 minutes and a bake potato we back to Murodo for a snow play.

View from Daikanbo

View from Murodo.

Honestly, if I knew, I would stay for a night at least at Murodo. Waking up to the shining snow and play snow sled at least. I wouldn't go up until Daikanbo because the view in Murodo is stunning enough. Probably next time with my little baby. 

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