Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Japan Trip - Episode 2

We were supposed to go to Snow Yeti Town Ski Resort on our second day but due to my fever we had to cancel. Such a loss. We decided to find a clinic for me and to have a brief visit around Tokyo. Japan people were very nice. We do not know how to read Japanese and totally depended on waze searching for clinic (internet is a must, you can rent unlimited internet from for about RM20 per day). I took travel insurance from Takaful Ikhlas (cost me RM37 only) but my company also covered medical for overseas. So I did only claim using my company insurance.

We found a clinic based on symbol however it turn out to be an acupuncture clinic.

Somehow look like this symbol. It is an international symbol of a clinic.

We are lucky that one of the customer whom can speak English was very nice enough to show us another clinic which was in another building. Meeting with the doctor was another challenges. The nurses and the doctor both have very limited vocabulary in English. We had to do sign languages to communicate but still they were very polite and attentive. The cost for medical in Japan since we are foreigner was a bit steep. Not sure whether it was due to currency or the cost of living in Tokyo. It cost me around RM250 for the consultation and the medicine. 

 After the treatment we continue our mission to visit the famous Tsukiji fish market.

My MIL and Hubby

Tsukiji Market is a mesmerizing place. Got all delicious food in one place.

This is actually an omelet i think. 

Cutting of fish. You can straight away eat the raw and fresh fish. I didn't try, you know because of the little baby inside me. 

more food. I think they were beans. Kekacang.

Fresh ocean seafood. I actually suggest to buy some and cook it at our apartment but my mil and husband declined as we have very limited cooking utensil in the apartment. sigh.

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