Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Japan Trip - Episode 6

We went back to Osaka on the 6th Day, the cost of the trip covered by JR pass. bla.bla.bla. On the 7th Day we traveled to Kyoto as it was the last day that shinkasen trip covered by JR pass. We planned to take Sagano scenic train but unable to do so as the ticket already sold out. We then proceed to visit the Bamboo forest.

The room we stayed in Osaka. Very near to the station and we booked it through Airbnb.

The bamboo forest was mesmerizing.

Along the way, there were many sceneries to look at.

There were a lot of people that day, we can barely walk. There were girls in traditional kimono.

More people here and there.

We stop to eat at nearby takoyaki shop because it was so tempting.

And then proceed to search for souvenir which we end up not buying because of the price. Sigh.

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